Common Faults You Could Find in a Washing Machine

While buying a washing machine it comes with the manufacturer saying that the lifespan of the washing machine can be more than 5 to 8 years with a catch- ‘condition applies’. Yes the condition is how you maintain your washing machine. The common misuse really ruins the life of your washing machine, even a costly washing machine goes of just like that with costly repair bill. Mostly this problem happens because of not properly using the machine as well not maintaining after the washing is over and it is nothing to do with reliability and that everyone knows. The most common mistake end user usually do is that they unknowingly overload the machine beyond the prescribed capacity and this could lead to worn drum bearings, broken suspension, misplacing of belt, fault in circuit board and in extreme cases it may cause damage to the motor.

The lifespan of a washing machine can hold for 6 to 8 years if it is maintained with 5 loads per week. bosch 6.5 kg washing machine The faults in majority of washing machines can be easily rectified. Leaking is the most common fault you could face during the washing process. Washing machine leakage is due to many reason and there are many place in washing machine that have possibility of chances that a leakage can take place so you need to thoroughly check or inspect the external parts of the machine to find out from where the water spills out. Leakage can normally happen in some common places. The common cause for the leakage in a washing machine is door seal that is a flange part, which a door glass press against when you close the door. In most cases the door seal get holes in them, when the water rushes inside the drum which then runs out of the front door through the door seal holes. This happens because the door seal might have been worn out.

If you found that the door seal does not need to be changed than check out if anything get trapped between the door glass and the door seal that aztec slot could cause to break the seal. With the help of dry cloth just wipe over the seal’s flange and the glass inside of the door to completely remove the dissolved washing machine detergent or you can dab with washing liquid around the edge of the door seal.

Another cause of spilling of water outside the washing machine is overfilling that happens sometime when the water level sensor goes fault. If you find any soap residue it will block the pressure chamber and it makes the pressure slot sugar rush chamber unable to activate the level switch that maintains the water level. With the failure in the water level switch the water will overfill and start to leak out. You can remove the pipe that leads to the pressure chamber and clean it to avoid any damage to the level switch.

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