Credit Card IVR System – Making Life Easier With Smart Phones

I love where the telecom industry is taking the world. I remember years ago, way before cell phones came out. We had to communicate from land line like home phones or pay phones, business phone, oh and remember the beeper era… if `you didn’t have a beeper you weren’t cool enough. If you wanted to make a phone call and you were on the road you had to use the payphone.

Then there was the cell phone, I remember it like it was yesterday. The first phone was so BIG, it looked like a huge brick! LOL! But it was still cool. My dad got the very first one that came out. It was the most talked about item! oneplus nord 2 ce 5g

And now here we are…

You got to admit that cell phones have changed the way we communicate. Remember when folks were disconnecting slot bonus 100 to 3x there home phone because they have enough minutes on there cell phone plans to talk. You can’t even leave your cell phone at home; it’s like leaving your wallet at home.

Now we can browse through the internet on our cell phones, we can lock and unlock our cars or start our engines from our smart phones. We have millions of apps that can help us with our daily lives. Oh, how about this…we can now see the person situs slot deposit pulsa tanpa potongan we are talking to with video chat. Amazing right?!

From a simple idea…to a ridiculous invention!. iPhone, HTC Evo, Android, Droid X, etc…these smart phones are the wave of the future. Think about it, it’s just going slot bonus new member 100 to get better from here on out.

The iPhone 5 will be released soon, and they are talking about a new technology called Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. What does this mean for you? Well, imagine leaving your wallet at home and paying for products RTP Slot Pragmatic and services by simply waving your iPhone 5 over a terminal…no checks or no credit cards needed. Is that crazy or what?!
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